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An organization is defined by its people. Harnessing the collective talent of the organization while keeping employees motivated is best done with the right technology tool at hand.  formulaHR, the flagship HRTech product of Icomm Technologies, offers you just that! The ideal formula for successful management of your human capital.
With the ideas and intents of hundreds of HR Managers across industry sectors curated into its framework of HR best practices, formulaHR delivers a powerful yet friendly Enterprise-grade HCM suite.
The various modules in FormulaHR integrate seamlessly and operate together to deliver key outcomes. With a proven track record of bringing HR to the fingertips for over 500,000 users every month, FormulaHR has etched an impressive place for itself in the SaaS HR Tech universe.
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The world has gone mobile, so have we !

We are delighted to introduce you to "formulaHR-On The go". It is our way of extending the convenience of formulaHR to the pockets of our valuable customers.

Are you already on the move (sales call or may be a day-off to catch up with a doctor's appointment, perhaps) ? Don't worry. With formulaHR-On the go, you can now achieve the same as what you would have sitting in front of your monitor. This is not just it, there's lots more. Available for both Android and iOS users, formulaHR-On the go caters to many of the self-service functions like expense logging and claims, attendance and leave, recruitment and referrals etc.

We know your time is precious, hence utmost care is taken in terms of UX/UI design to enhance productivity. "The data security will NOT be compromised" - This has been and will always be our commitment. We use it, so that you can also use it.

Give "formulaHR-On The go" a try. We are sure you will love it, and we love it when you love it !


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Our team designed fHR to build in controls & best practices that were highly configurable; hence making the application entirely On-demand


The fHR approach helped automate the employee calendar with leaves and holidays so it takes away the hassle of HR manually managing their Offs.